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Aro/ace history exists, it's just all in German.

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So Magnus Hirschfeld first mentions a lack of sexual desire in his 1896 publication, Sappho and Sokrates, and mentions monosexuals in a 1905 publication. He defines monosexuals as those who didn't desire partnered sex. Sexual anaesthesia was also mentioned in Psychopathia Sexualis, by Richard von Krafft-Ebing, in 1886. Sexual anaesthesia was a word that Hirschfeld also used to define a lack of sexual desire. Note that Psychopathia Sexualis is...well, a lot what it sounds like. It was essentially a field guide to sex disorders/"perversions", so if you look into that, be careful.

Asexuality doesn't pop up in English until the 1920s, with the mention of anaphrodites by Ralph Werther-Jennie June in an autobiographical text. "Like the ultra-androgynes, they have a horror of women from the sex point of view. But unlike the former, their minds are devoid of hero-worship and they shudder violently at the very thought of any kind of association grounded on sex differences." (p.13-14). Obviously this is grounded in men, but this does discuss a lack of sexual and romantic interest, and goes on to mention that "anaphrodites are not suffused with adoration for any type of human" (14). This removes any interpetation of gay - these people weren't interested in anyone, in any kind of way.

The first mention of asexual women in English wouldn't occur until the 1970s (possibly appearing in radfem texts earlier, but I don't trust those so we're not discussing them). Myra T Johnson published Asexual and Autoerotic Women : Two Invisible Groups in 1977, and discussed women who entirely lacked "desire" and women who lacked interest specifically in partnered sex.

I found links to most of these things on this lovely Wordpress dedicated to asexual history. Also, sorry that none of these are explicit mentions of aromanticism. People were a bit more obsessed with sex rather than romance back in the day, although I do believe Kinsey divided the 2 onto seperate scales around the 1940s. However, the anaphrodite description sure does sound aro to me.

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Welcome to the aro community! Gatekeeping is not allowed here, however we do have a mandatory* introduction course to archery.

*If your body is not physically compatible with the sport of archery, you will be granted an accessibly modified missile launcher instead.

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My own addition to the Waterfall food discourse:

How do you pronounce 'pecan'?

PEE-can or puh-KAHN?

vii -

i cant tell if the fact that i pronounce it pee-kahn is the best of both worlds or not

fungus -

neither. [pɪ•kæn], or pi as in pick, can as in can

blanketqueencas -

I also say pee-kahn.

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Ok so, adding to the discourse here

what do y'all call these things?

My family has always called them jack-the-rippers, which i have been reliably and repeatedly informed is Weird.

emlynlua -

my textiles teacher always called it an unpicker???

foxrockit -

ive always heard it called a seam ripper

tiddywife-deactivated-2020AprThu-200409070409-499 -

seam ripper as well

persephone -

unpicker, it unpicks stitches

coffeeandyarn -

strangely, i never had a name for them. my supervisor for the last production i was in (who didn't speak great english) just handed it to me and expected me to know what to do with it.

fungus -

seam ripper

blanketqueencas -

seam ripper

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Just blocked a terf with “anti-surrogacy” in their header and for the life of me I can’t deduce what their issue with that can be?? Is it because gay men often use it and... two men are bad?

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This is actually an argument that has been going on for decades. I'm not sure why terfs specifically would have issues with surrogacy, but I do know the general issues most people have with it.

However, I don't know how well I could explain it, so you should look up "Baby M". "Baby M" was the pseudonym given to a baby girl who was the subject of a very influential court case between a surrogate and the couple who hired her to be their surrogate, which took place back in the 1980s in the United States. There's a good video by The New York Times about it on Youtube, which you can find [here.]( "Baby M and the Question of Surrogacy) We actually talked about it in one of my college courses about a year ago, and from what I know, it still influences a lot of anti-surrogacy arguments today, so it's worth learning about.

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~Happy first day of Wrath Month, first person to disrespect aces and aros will be the first sacrifice of Wrath Month~

Twelfth Doctor Pride Icons (2/2)

Completely free to use, as long as you credit me if anyone asks.

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Being an adult means that you're always buying more boxes and baskets because, as soon as you buy one, you realize you need at least thirty more

I think this is super important, and we should all know our history, especially during pride. He makes some really good and insightful points and really makes for an entertaining and educational video. HAPPY PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (again)

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life is short be as outrageous and ostentatious as you wanna be

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i just think it's rude that i have to participate in modern capitalist society

theres. a lot of things i want to say to my dad. things i cant say. this is just the tip of the ice berg.

i just needed to vent a bit

EDIT: this happens every single day. every single god damn day. that’s why i’m so angry

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Guess what? It's entirely possible to be both pro-shipping and anti-map!

cursedalien -

Repour this, cowards!

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you're right and you should say it

Last throwback piece for the day. I really need to rewatch Yuri like. Now.

lime -

@ all the poly people on here

happy pride! youre not greedy and you deserve love

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This is a thread for all your non-discourse controversial opinions I'll start:

putting lobster in mac n cheese should be a crime punishable by death mac n cheese was already perfect and the bourgeoisie should keep their coward hands off of it

poelantern -

i completely agree, lobster is gross in all forms tho. however: little smokies are only improved with the addition of mac n cheese.

guac and salsa are both terrible, but spinach artichoke dip is 👌 and you can't change my mind

my favorite icecream is peppermint and all my friends hate me for this

(i cant think of anything not food related since that's how you started lol)

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Better idea - Mac n cheese is an abomination. As is ranch dressing.

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cold pizza is bad

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The stringy melted cheese you see in pizza commercials and the like is disgusting and should be banned.

Aurenfaie's 100 Follower Giveaway

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Hey all! I decided to do a giveaway for reaching 100 followers. I couldn't decide if I wanted to do a giveaway solely from queer publishers/sellers or a more general, themeless giveaway, so I've decided to bring them together and give you the option.

I have three possible prizes, from which the winner can choose one:

  1. A 30 USD giftcard to a queer publisher of your choice (Less Than Three Press, Dreamspinner Press and its imprints, NineStar Press, Interlude Press and its imprint, or any other LGBTQ+ publisher that sells giftcards)

  2. OR, A 30 USD giftcard to an LGBTQ+ business from which I can buy a giftcard online (examples: GC2b, FLAVNT Streetwear, etc.)

  3. OR, A 25 USD giftcard to any other store from which I can buy a giftcard online (so, you tell me where I should buy the giftcard from; examples: Etsy, Amazon, etc.)

Since it's Pride, I wanted to give an advantage to picking the publishers or other queer sellers, because it's especially important to support community businesses so they can continue to stick around. However, I understand that not everyone has an interest in that, so there are other options.


  • Reblog and/or like to enter; you may do both to be entered twice, but I will not count more than one of each, so don't reblog multiple times

  • Do not tag anyone on the post unless you do not want to enter, as those notes do not show up in the note listing

  • You must be following me to enter

Giveaway will end 15 June 2019 at 11:59 pm CET and the winner will be contacted via ask. If the winner does not respond within 24 hours, a new winner will be chosen. [I don't foresee this being a problem at all, but I reserve the right to reject any gift card request.]

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There’s this sticker at my doctor’s office, and every time I walk in, my dad yells, “It’s going to go off! It’s going to go off!”

by saying same gender instead of same sex you too can avoid cisnormativity!

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happy pride month everybody! remember fat people, disabled people, people of colour and neurodivergent people when celebrating!

aurenfaie asked:

🌈 📜 💐 🍰

🌈 who is your favorite artist?

If we're talking visual art, I should admit that I don't know a ton of artists. I'd probably say Van Gogh. From what I know, he basically invented impressionism, and his paintings are so beautiful.

📜 what is your favorite word?

Probably "petrichor"? I learned it from Doctor Who, though their definition isn't quite correct. It's the smell created when rain hits very dry dirt. It's a very pretty word for a very pretty smell and I never use it in conversation, but I appreciate that it exsists.

💐 what is your favorite flower?

I'm not sure if I have one. I used to always say roses, because one of my middle names is Rose, but that was more of a default answer than anything else. Pretty much any flower makes me happy. I'm the kind of person who genuinely enjoys dandilions.

🍰 what is your favorite desert?

Apple Pie, hands down. Bonus points if you serve it with vanilla ice cream. Pie in general is always a special treat, and apple pie is just good.

Emoji ask meme

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💗 have you ever been in love? 🌈 who is your favorite artist? 🎶 what is your favorite music genre? 📝 have you ever had a penpal? 💫 are you single or in a relationship? If single, are you interested in anyone? 👁 what color are your eyes? 📜 what is your favorite word? 🎺 do you play any instruments? 🎈 what is your favorite color? 🐾 do you have any nicknames? 💐 what is your favorite flower? 👀 what qualities do you find attractive in a person? 🐈 do you have any pets? If no, do you want any? ✈ have you ever traveled outside of your home country? 🀄 what language(s) do you speak? 💞 who was your first crush? 👓 do you wear glasses? 🍰 what is your favorite desert? 🏊‍♀️ do you prefer swimming in a pool or in the ocean? 🎨 bright, dark, or pastel colors? 🎮 do you have any siblings? 🐽 what is your favorite scent? 🚢 where do you want to travel to? 🎥 what is your favorite film? 🤳 who do people say you look like? (celebrity/family member) 🎎 who is your best friend? 👸 what is your dream job? 🚗 do you know how to drive? ♓ what is your sun, moon, and rising zodiac sign? 📚 do you enjoy reading? 💇‍♀️ have you ever dyed your hair? 🎖 what is your favorite thing in your bedroom? 🕸 what is your biggest fear? 🌟 do you have any tattoos and/or piercings? If no, do you want any? 🎢 have you ever been on a roller coaster? 🌃 surfing or skateboarding? 🐲 what is your favorite animal? 💆‍♂️ do you have a skincare routine? 🎆 what is your favorite memory? 🎋 how tall are you? 🎁 what is the best gift you’ve ever received? 🌸 do you have a garden? If no, do you want to start one? 🍕 what is your favorite food and drink? 👩‍👧‍👦 do you want kids? 💥if you could time travel, what year would you go to and why? 💋 hugs or kisses? 🍾 have you ever drank alcohol? 🍎 have you ever done drugs? 📺 netflix or youtube? 🍨 ice cream or frozen yogurt? 🌼 succulents or flowers?

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Aromantic sapphics, you shine like the sun, and your laughter makes the flowers grow ☀️

Asexual sapphics, you glow like the moon, and your voices are as calming as the ocean 🌙

Aroace sapphics, you are as brilliant as the stars, and your smiles can warm the coldest hearts ✨